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Travel Tales

Share your TRAVEL TALES with us! Come by the Senior Center & fill out our questionnaire about how you enjoyed your recent trip! We would also love to see & share your photos so feel free to drop those off in hardcopy or electronic form.

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My favorite part of the was planned-and not by me! The Senior Center has always had good trips, I would reccommend them to everyone.

Rosemary, Bellingham Senior Center-Bill Gates & Frye Museum, January 23rd, 2013

I loved going to The Spaghetti Factory, it was delicious! And the museum was great - a big wow in every room!! I enjoyed the entire trip, would definitely recommend to a friend!

Jackie Elkins, Blaine Senior Center - Chihuly Garden & Glass Museum, July 27, 2012


Sol-Duc cabins for the evening didn't have phones or a TV, but there was beautiful scenery of rainforest. It was quiet and we could clear our minds to contemplate. The scenery was the best part, and I had never seen the ocean part of the trip.

Kay Eichacker - Olympic Peninnsula Tour, July 10 - 13, 2012



My particular interest was in the geology, geography and settlement history of the area. However there was a sufficient variety of other areas of interest that provided an overview of the area. Regardless of personal interest, there's something along the way which appealed to individual members of the group and there was sufficient time to explore and enjoy. I would definitely recommend this trip (and similar ones) to highlight the opportunities which one might wish to revisit. The escort and facilities were first-class and most enjoyable.

Lillian Minor - BC  Sunshine Coast, July 9-13 2012


Watertron Lakethe Canadian Side of Water Glacier Park, had a spectacular view! The town was fun to be in! I previously had traveled to Lake Louise and I thouroughly enjoyed our trip. The tours are great and the program has put together some great trips. You bet, I would recommend these trips!

Matt Dennis - Canadian Rockies Circle Tour, July 10-17, 2011


Well done trip to Ireland! We loved it! Had a wonderful bus driver and tour guide!

Cynthis McFalls- Ireland, October 6-14, 2012


BC Sunshine Coast I enjoyed everything from the full day of cruising Desolation Sound and Discovery Islands and the historic Milure Gardens to the boccee ball game at the Tsa-Kwa-Luteer Lodge.

Accomodations were wonderful and the food delicious! If you are looking for a relaxing, fun, and varied vacation, this would be the perfect trip. Particiopants with a cane or walker were able to do most of the activities. A well planned tour and you get a lot for your money.

Birgit Schroeter- BC Sunshine Coast and Discovery Coast Island Circle Tour, July 9 - 13, 2012



I am new to the Pacific Northwest and have seen very little of this part of the country.  Although I have visited Canada several times, I had not, until last year, ever been to Victoria.

Everyone kept on telling me that I must go there.  It would be, they told me, especially interesting for me since Victoria was very British and I was born and raised in England.  I signed up for a one day Ferry trip to Victoria arranged by the Travel Director at BSAC.  I thought this would be a wonderfully easy way to visit a town that I had not been to before.



The Ferry ride was fun and I met several interesting people on the way there.  The day went by much too quickly but I now know some of the places that I would like to visit on future Victoria trips.  I don't know whether Cheryl planned it, but a bonus on the ferry ride returning us to Bellingham, was the sighting of a whale.  The captain stopped the ferry and an excited group of passengers were able to take photos at a distance closer to the whale than most of us had ever been outside of an aquarium.  It was a very nice ending to an extremely pleasant day's outing.

Helen H. Solomons-BSAC member