Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit card? And if so, can I pay by credit card over the phone?

Yes, you can pay by credit card over the phone. We accept credit cards, cash, check, or money orders.


Can I mail in payment?

Yes - we accept checks via the US mail.  Please note the tour name, date desired and the traveler's phone number, legal name and return address in with the mailed check. Mail to Tour Program 315 Halleck St, Bellingham WA 98225


What types of credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We do not take American Express credit cards.


Where can I park when I go on a trip?

For overnight trips, parking will be at the Guest House Inn or Sunset Highway location. For day trips, parking is at the east parking lot of Bellingham Senior Activity Center.


Is lunch included on the trip?

It depends on the trip, but lunch is generally included.


What type of identification should I bring for international trips?

Passport, full legal name, and date of birth are needed for international trips. An enhanced license may be substituted for a passport on trips to Canada.


Where do tours depart from?

Day trips generally leave from the Bellingham Senior Center 315 Halleck St, Bellingham.

How do I reach the tour department?

By calling (360) 733-4030 wait for the voice, then extension 1015.

By driving, Click Here.


If I'm not a member of a Senior Center can I still go on the Trips?

Yes! All trips are open to anyone who wants to go. For nonmembers there is an additional $10 fee for day trips, and $15 fee for extended trips.


If I have a disability, can I get priority boarding on the buses?

Of course! We will even reserve a seat for you.


I want to go on a trip and I want a roommate, is it possible to be paired up with someone so I can get the double occupancy rate?

Yes! We want you to be as happy and as comfortable as possible on our trips. We are happy to pair you up with someone else who is seeking a roommate and therefore saving you some money.


What are Travel Tales?

Travel Tales is a way for the Tour Program to get your feedback on the tours. We have a short questionnaire at a table in the front of the Senior Center for you to fill out. We would also love to accept your photos. We will use your feedback and photos for promotional material and public information.